T3 2019 Software Survey: Kwanti ranks at the top in customer satisfaction

More than 5,500 members of the financial planning/investment advisory community participated in the 2019 Technology Survey. Across 20 different industry categories, Kwanti’s satisfaction ratings of 8.64 and 8.55 were among the highest recorded. See the full survey here

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Indexes and blends added

Fixed income indexes were added from Bloomberg/Barclays: – Barclays Global Aggregate – Barclays Global Aggregate Hedged – Barclays Global Aggregate ex-US – Barclays Global Aggregate ex-US Hedged – Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index – Barclays US Corporate Investment Grade – Barclays US Corp High Yield – Barclays Municipal Bond Index – Barclays US Treasury Index – Barclays US Treasury 1-3 Year Index – Barclays US Treasury 5-7 Year Index – Barclays US Treasury 10-20 Year Index – Barclays US Treasury [...]

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